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Our Long Distance Relationship

I saw you today. It had been 2 months since the last time you saw me. You gave me a small peck on my lips but that's it. We walked around and our plans slowly unfolded into moments where you... Continue Reading →


First Impressions

They say your external appearance reflects who you are. I used to have coiffed, glassy, french tip nails, lacquered to perfection. Each tip filed to the smoothest of shapes. Since then, my nails are deformed, chipped, and in dire need... Continue Reading →


I remember asking you if you were ok. I asked you if you were ok and I still helped you when you said you were. Because I knew. I knew that people needed help when they said they didn't. I... Continue Reading →

Hold On

I find myself clenching my teeth in my sleep, flexing my back in anticipation, all muscle tight in my neck, no part of me relaxed, my every nerve on edge. I anticipate the pain I'm going to cause, too afraid... Continue Reading →


We used to dance, listening to the gypsy kings, me balanced on your tip-toes, twirling round and round. We used to dance. Now we dance around the past. We dance around your dances with mama dances that lasted hours. Your... Continue Reading →


What are we all hiding from? Why does it become uncomfortable to make eye contact with one another today, to acknowledge another person's being in the same room as you? Why do we feel the need to hide behind our... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Days

We all have our ups and our downs, today was an up. Although I was sick, and very tired, I still managed to put a stressful week behind me. Gone were the law firm job applications, the research paper, the... Continue Reading →

Why I am

Why am I sad. Why do I get sad in the middle of the night when nothing wrong happened today. Why am I sad when I have a perfectly good person caring for me. Is it sometimes just not enough?... Continue Reading →

Mad Silent Words

Mommy and Daddy told me to be a nice girl. Nice girls don't talk back. Nice girls aren't rude. Nice girls don't get mad. Mad. This silence is driving me into a self-eating, self-destroying madness. Mad. It's something I'm not... Continue Reading →

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