Some people at school are aggressive. Overly, aggressive. Their goal is to dominate the yard, showing everyone who they are, what they are capable and putting you in your spot. Some people at school are just not nice.

I don’t understand why we need to tear each other down. The human brain has the tendency to want to trust one another and to build each other up. It even rewards us with a rush of dopamine when this trust pays off. We innately should have a altruistic tendency to want to help each other, but where has this gene disappeared to?

Where have all the good, kind, caring people gone. The type of people who look at you without judgement, maybe offer you are hand when they see you struggling without you having to ask? Where have the people who ask you with genuine concern how you are doing and if you are doing ok? Where have the people who build each other up gone?

Why have people become this race of individuals who feel its ok to tear each other down, ripping a person limb from limb just so they can stand on the first-place podium. Don’t these people realize that when you tear everyone down just to get to the top, there will be no one left to cheer for you and congratulate you on your success?

Lesson from this: Be kind, ask people how they are, take the time to listen, and go do something nice for someone just to make their day. Be aware of the people around you and how your presence affects them.