They say your external appearance reflects who you are.
I used to have coiffed, glassy, french tip nails,
lacquered to perfection.
Each tip filed to the smoothest of shapes.
Since then,
my nails are deformed, chipped, and in dire need of a good manicure.

My hair used to tumble past my shoulders,
in perfect locks of curls,
thick and luscious,
strong and soft.
Now my hair is frizzy, tangled, matted, breaking, coarse and falling out.

I used to outline my eyes with bold crisp lines of kohl liner,
lashes flicked out as they framed my
bright green eyes.
Now my eyes are bare, ill-looking, lacking the luster
and playfulness they once held.

I’ve lost myself,
and what was once shiny and new,
radiant sunshine and positivity,
has escaped me,
leaving behind someone unrecognizable.