I remember asking you if you were ok.
I asked you if you were ok and I still helped you when you said you were. Because I knew.
I knew that people needed help when they said they didn’t.
I knew that at the age of 4.

I also knew that you had to be nice to people and so I helped you because I learned it was not good to be sad and so I felt the need to be a protector.
It was my job to protect everyone at the age of 4.
But who protected me?

I would help people and I was blind to the pieces of me that were falling away,
pieces of me I can’t get back to this day,
pieces of me which are lost and I now seek to find.
I’ve been searching for those pieces of myself for a long time.

But those pieces of me have been lost for a long time. They have been trampled upon and buried deep beneath the residue of dusty thoughts
lurking at the corners of my mind.

I think I’ve given to much of myself away,
to the point that I’m no longer myself,
I have nothing left to define myself.
Nothing left to bind the lost pieces to if they ever were found.

Who am I.