What are we all hiding from?
Why does it become uncomfortable to make eye contact with one another today,
to acknowledge another person’s being in the same room as you?
Why do we feel the need to hide behind our phones and pull ourselves away
from the natural tendency to be social?
Where has the need to be social gone?
Does is disappear with each shot and sip of liquor people intake these days?
Or with the disappearing length of a dragged cigarette?
Is it hiding in the computers our faces are constantly buried behind,
or the books we read,
removing us from this world completely into another one?
Why has life turned into a permanent bystander effect of inaction?

What do you have to hide?
Are the emotions you feel any different from those I feel?
But no instead we draw into ourselves or pull back
behind our fakes smiles
and fail to connect.
We fail to meet eyes. Fail to acknowledge things people are going through,
isolating ourselves from everyone elses happiness and pain.

What has happened to everyone?
Are people all loosing their voices,
unable to speak the need for a friend,
someone to listen,
someone to care?

Or maybe it’s just me.
In my isolated world.
Trying to make connections but failing to.
Sincerity mistaken for a fake friendliness,
leaving me stranded to my thoughts.
Weekends of lonesomeness.
Days, hours, minutes,
never ending seconds spent alone.

I don’t want anymore of this thing we call
“me time”
I have too much of it.
My thoughts always churning below each muscle
flexing beneath my skin.

I’ve always been told I have tough skin,
but I want permeable skin now.
I need to let it out,
I need to let it in.
I need.