We all have our ups and our downs, today was an up. Although I was sick, and very tired, I still managed to put a stressful week behind me. Gone were the law firm job applications, the research paper, the article, the volunteer training, the boyfriend’s visit. Gone were the lovely (not so lovely) time of the month days, and gone were at least the body aches and pounding migraines from this atrocious head cold.

Today was a day of reflection. I sat down and was able to see a lovely ground of girls I felt comfortable around to be myself and calls friends in this little town. Gone was the drama, welcomed with just relaxed chit chat about the hilarious people at school and just life in general.

It was a good day. A day where I hope to come back to this moment on my not so good days and be able to reflect that I can at least come back to a time where I feel centered. Maybe I wasn’t perfectly happy today, because lets face it I’m now worried if I’ll get a job or not, and that I’m homesick a little, but I feel more centered than I have in a while.

I know that feeling will pass. I can already feel the shadows ebbing into my peaceful night threatening to erase this moment, but I refuse to succumb to it and let it in tonight. So much that I even decided to pick up my guitar and sing a little with my cracking voice that sounds so out of key with this cold. But I don’t care. I won’t care. I’m just going to try to live in this moment and hopefully have a good nights sleep.